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Educational Sex Series is a place to learn a thing or two about sex. The site uses a combination of instructional videos (starring pornstars), articles (written by pornstars) and photographs to teach members how to do a variety of sexual acts like 69s, two on one, suspension, puppyplay and cunnilingus

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The site does look to be pretty diverse in its range. There is a long list of How-Tos available so far and they really vary. You'll learn things that are more extreme like suspension bondage, puppy play (domination) and Progasms to the more typical actions like road head, deep throating, kinky positions and 'swallowing'. If the names of the how-tos didn't tip you off yet, the site is geared towards men and women both straight and gay. You can learn something here and apply it on whoever you like. The site is all about the teaching and learning.

Educational Sex Series is a very unique site and definitely offers members a lot of information. The instructional pictures, videos and articles should have a great impact on your sex life and I'm sure your significant other will appreciate the effort (maybe you ought to share the site with them, too)

Thank you adult reviews

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